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Laurie Vargas is in town to do a hairy porn shoot, but at the last minute it was canceled. Luckily, Rodney was there too. He takes her to his hotel room so they can do their own shoot. Laurie shows him her new dress, but it doesn’t stay on long. Soon, she quickly takes it off to show her hairy bush. Then he whips out his cock and she happily starts sucking away. Her drool gets it nice and wet for her hairy pussy. He fucks her hard before…

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Esmeralda moved to San Diego a few months ago to go to college. She is a freshman and is new to the big city. Being adventurous, she wanted to see all that the city had to offer, especially in terms of nocturnal excitement. One day, a photographer saw her and found her to be very beautiful. After talking with her a while, he learned that she does not shave her hairy bush. She likes to stroke her pubic hair as she fills her pussy with dildos and dicks. He asked if she’d show her furry muff to his camera for some cash. She was intrigued. Soon her hirsute Latina body was laying naked on the bed, with a blue dildo tickling the lips of her hairy vagina…

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Angie is a strong, sexy Latina with a great hairy bush. Her hobby is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting and she loves training in the weight room. She also enjoys working out her hairy cunt when a nice piece of meat is available. Her favorite sexual activity is to spar with a strong cock late at night, right there in the weight room (especially on the bench press). Watch her hairy pussy in her favorite weight room…

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Pregnancy makes some women feel unsexy, but for others it enhances it. Lucia is of the latter type, wanting to show her Latina preggo body and hairy snatch to all who will admire. Her hirsute pregnant body demands to have more sexual stimulation than before she got knocked-up (which was a lot!). Watch her play with her hairy bush and big preggy tits. Even while pregnant, she is quite flexible and able to get her naked body in many positions. Check her out now!

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Angela, a 20-year-old Latina living in San Diego, wanted to try something new and exciting. So she auditioned to do adult entertainment. She definitely passed the audition, with her young, tight Latina body. Watch her nervously take her clothes off for the camera, revealing a smooth young body with a black, furry twat. Then she opens up her wetness and plays with her vagina and clit. See more…