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Vintage woman with a hairy bush and hairy armpitsVintage girl with a hairy pussy and hairy armpits

There is a quality about vintage porn that I appreciate that is a bit lost today. The girls posed as goddesses in very artistic sets. The photos became works of art, while being porn. Their natural hairy pussies were allowed to be in their natural furry state, along with their unshaved armpits. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from that early era. Though I like watching hardcore hairy pussies being fucked, these vintage hairy snatches are works of beauty not to be missed…

Cleopatra’s sister’s hairy pussy

Orlan Doe's hairy bush and armpits

Rodney needs an all-natural woman with a hairy bush for the role of Cleopatra’s sister in an upcoming film. Orlan Doe walked in, beautiful, unshaved, and willing to do nude scenes. So willing, in fact, that she sat her hot ass down on the couch and started sucking his cock. Rodney dove into her hairy snatch with his tongue stretched as long as it could go. Back in Orlan Doe’s mouth goes his dick and soon he coats her hairy pussy…

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Anastasia and Luscious are 2 hairy lesbians who love to carpet munch each other. When you watch them in HD, you can tell that they are really excited by each other’s hairy pussy. Watch them fondle each other’s hairy snatch and lick it madly until they both are moaning in orgasmic pleasure. Instantly download them in HD!

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Furry Girl showing her hairy pussy in the sand

Furry Girl was on a trip in the Caribbean recently and decided she wanted to strip and have pictures taken of her hot, hirsute body on the beach. She was worried that someone would walk by at any time. The shots of her hairy pussy, unshaved legs and hairy armpits came out perfectly. These are very beautiful outdoor shots of a very sexy hairy woman that you won’t want to miss…

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Zenia Markova with tattoos and a hairy bush

Zenia Markova comes over to Rodney’s to buy a rug. While she calls her friends to come and help her pick it up, he gets hard. She gets pissed off when he touches himself and pulls down her skirt. She tells him that if he’s going to be like that, he must lick her hairy pussy. What she doesn’t know is that Rodney is a professional Rug Muncher. He eats her hairy bush with gusto and slips his hard cock up inside her…