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Marley loves her big butt and hairy bush. She enjoys teasing men with her ass in clubs. Many times, she gets them hot and leaves them with nothing more than an ass-grab she allowed. But, for the lucky few she takes a liking to, she brings them home and lets them fill her big ass and her hairy twat with their cocks. And, if she really likes them, she will even let them fill her hairy pussy and ass with their cum in a hot and hairy creampie. Click to see how much she liked her next man!

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Jonathan is a musician and composer who craves constant inspiration. His primary muse is his assistant. She inspires him in many ways, but the best is sexual. Her hairy pussy always turns on his creative juices. Sometimes he fucks her hairy bush while listening to a piece of music he’s working on and gets ideas for it. This time, his assistant was so into it, she wanted him to fill her hairy vagina with his creative, musician cum…