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Hairy Denisa gets a double-penetrating Christmas present in June

Denisa's hairy pussy and ass get filled in double penetration

Even though Christmas is six months away, Denisa wanted to celebrate now since a good friend of her gave her a present. She really wanted a big, heavy-duty vibrator for her pleasure-hungry hairy bush. Once particular package that her friend gave her a couple days ago looked about the right size for her new toy. It was too much. Her furry vagina was too wet, hungry and horny for her to wait. She had to have it inside her now.

Luckily, she was right about the gift. And she soon learned how much fun that heavy-duty machine could be. Especially when it’s inside her hairy vagina while her old, but reliable vibrator is in her hairy asshole. Watch every second of this hot DP video!

European hairy bush open and ready

Jazlynn spreads her hairy vaginal lips for a boyfriend

Jazlynn, an 18-year-old college freshman, lives in an exciting part of Prague. She loves hitting on foreign tourists visiting Czech Republic and seducing them. One look at her young tits and hairy bush and you’ll know why she doesn’t have to work hard to get them to follow her to her bedroom. Check out a hot shoot she did for one of her boy toys…

Hairy vagina filled with dick… and another girl

Christine's hairy vagina fucking Michael's big cock as Petra sucks her nipples

Christine was lonely and needed some company, so she met up with her European friends Michael and Petra. It wasn’t that she just wanted their company, but her hairy cunt craved them both. She loved how Michael’s cock and Petra’s pussy tasted and felt. They knew exactly how to please her hairy bush. Watch as Michael fills her hairy vagina with his cock while she and Petra play together…

First time for Czech hairy pussy

Janet’s European hairy pussy has never been exposed to a camera before. It is a photographic virgin. Her hot body warms the camera as her hairy bush wets its lens. Though she may be new to the camera, Janet’s Czech hairy vagina is not new to fun. Check out her favorite way to stimulate her hairy cunt…

Early Christmas present for a European hairy vagina

Lena's Christmas present for her hairy cunt

Lena is a 22-year-old European woman whose hairy bush craves stimulation. This year, she figured she would celebrate Christmas early. Her hairy pussy was excited because there was a present for it. Find out what her hairy cunt got for Christmas…

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