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Marley Mason visits Rodney’s office to audition for a Librarian part in a movie. The part has already been filled, unfortunately. However, Rodney has a script for new a movie called The Secret Slut that he believes she’d be perfect for. It’s not the kind of part she thought she’d be doing, but she is very eager to make it in show business. He has her put on a sexy costume and leads her to the Casting Couch. Instead of running lines, though, he has her practice her Simulated Sex. She’s so good at pretending that it quickly leads to the real thing. Marley sucks Rodney’s hard cock with a sloppy blowjob. He then fucks her hairy bush hard and deep until eventually coating her bush. She eats it all up and loves every drop…

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Sarah Singer has a very hairy bush that she loves to show close-up. She wants you to see her so close to prove that she is an All-Natural Girl. Pay close attention to those hairy legs and arms. And her hairy armpits too! The real treasure, though, are her hirsute pubes that overflow out of her panties. Hungry? Watch her seductively strip just for you. She gets hot and wet knowing that you are watching her. So wet, in fact, that she needs to get her special green glass dildo out to masturbate…

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Jane is a mother who just can’t get enough jism in her hot, MILF body. She craves nothing more than the elixir of love spilling from her wet, hairy cunt and asshole. Watch as she uses her vast sexual experience to teach two young guys a few things about fucking a hairy pussy. You won’t want to miss any of the double hairy creampie action!

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Hirsute Sylvia Smith shows her hairy armpits, legs and bush

Sylvia is a beautifully rare hirsute woman with hairy legs, armpits and pussy. Unfortunately, she wants to shave it off. Rodney hears about her plan and offers her $300 if she waits until the fall. He asks her to show the beauty of a hairy woman and maybe others will let their natural hair grow. She surprises him when he sees just how furry her body is. He can’t resist the urge to masturbate. Sylvia loves the attention and lets him lick her hairy snatch. Next she sucks his dick and gets a white, drippy facial. Watch every second of the hairy fun… no membership required!

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Esmeralda moved to San Diego a few months ago to go to college. She is a freshman and is new to the big city. Being adventurous, she wanted to see all that the city had to offer, especially in terms of nocturnal excitement. One day, a photographer saw her and found her to be very beautiful. After talking with her a while, he learned that she does not shave her hairy bush. She likes to stroke her pubic hair as she fills her pussy with dildos and dicks. He asked if she’d show her furry muff to his camera for some cash. She was intrigued. Soon her hirsute Latina body was laying naked on the bed, with a blue dildo tickling the lips of her hairy vagina…