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Stacy Stax calls herself a “full-on hairy dyke,” at least to her lesbian friends. It is true that she has a hairy pussy, but one day when her best friend calls, she’s busy with Rodney’s cock in her mouth. Not to be rude, she keeps sucking his cock while talking on the phone.

It seems that she developed a taste for cock somewhere in her lesbian journey. Luckily, Rodney is happy to let her give him a blowjob and he returns the favor by munching on her hairy pussy while she’s yapping on the phone. She makes excuses to put down the phone when she can to give his cock another suck, but she’s soon talking again just as Rodney shoots his load and gives her a big facial…

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California hippie Jasmyne is an all-natural girl with long, strong legs who hails from Golden Gate Park. She went all the way to Seattle (another great city for hairy girls) just to let you admire her hairy pussy (so hairy that her pubic hair bulges out the sides of her panties). She’s got a phenomenal hairy bush and really wants you to watch her as she fingers it around and masturbates. This hairy hippie is very turned on and primed to get off…

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Kaci Starr had a question about her hairy pussy when Mr. Scott teaches about pubic hair. She says it’s very sensitive, especially when she touches it. Mr. Scott figures he had better get a closer look. Sure enough, when his tongue lashes out to lick her clit, she moans. He tells her this is quite normal. To put her mind at ease, he pulls out his cock which is quite hard. Kaci is facinated and amazed by his big tool and shows him how much she loves it by wrapping her lips around it and sucking. He next slips it deep inside her sensitive, dripping hairy pussy and fucks her really hard. When he can’t help himself, he shoots his load all over her hairy bush…

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While hanging around for their boyfriends, Trina tells girlfriend Angel about a hot, kinky dream she had last night. They were both strippers and put on a sexy show where they made out with each other.  You get to watch their dream and see them dance around a pole as they suck and lick each other’s tongues. Angel isn’t as lesbian as Trina, and says she would prefer to have a girl kiss her hairy pussy than on her mouth. Trina goes down and eats her hairy bush and licks her hot pink clit. Angel gets very turned on and returns the favor, munching on Trina’s hairy pussy…