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Take a trip to San Francisco with us and watch Kitty McMuffin in her lair. She lures you in and teases you by stripping off her clothes, revealing hairy pits, furry legs and a very tasty unshaved pussy. Like any cat, her pussy loves play time. Her silky fingers tease her body and play with her furry pubic hair. Then she gets serious when she whips out some toys. Watch and see what her favorites are, and how she loves to excite herself… Membership Not Required!

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Samantha is a hairy no-nonsense woman who likes to be aggressive, both in bed and out. When she is not playing football with her guys, she loves to fuck them. Hard. She loves her red hairy pussy and she expects her lovers to love it too. She also expects her men to have hairy dicks to match. Are you man enough for this sprite’s cute hairy pussy? Find out here!

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Chandra is 9 months pregnant and loving it. She loves to show off her fertile hairy pussy and big tits. Being pregnant has not stopped her sex life, though. Her ebony hairy bush still needs some action, whether it be from a big black dick, or from a vibrator. Watch to see what she uses today in her pregnant hairy cunt…

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