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Stacey Stax thinks she has what it takes to join the Hairy Girls Sorority. Eve agrees. She has a beautiful hairy body, including a very hot hairy pussy. She loves hanging out with strong, sexy hairy women. But Stacy has to prove herself to the sisterhood before being allowed to join. She must do everything Eve asks her to do. First thing is to suck on those pretty nipples. Next is something a bit kinky. Eve makes a special feather duster and attaches it to Stacey’s face and commands her to clean the dirtiest thing in the sorority… Eve! After the dusting, Eve wants Stacey to lick her hairy pussy and eat it all up. Finally, Stacy crawls on top of her hairy teacher and masturbates with a dildo deep inside her hairy bush while Eve fingers her big pussy lips…

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